Dexter Cattle for Sale

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6 Red Dexter cows for sale, bred and registered, age 2 to 6 years, 2 polled, 1 dehorned, 3 horned. Bull was turned out on July 14, these cows to make sure they are bred will be available in late Oct or early Nov for pick up and registration transferred to the new owners. For more specific details email or call Adrian
Phone: 780-998-7358 or email hykaway(at)

Registered Dexter cow for saleRegistered Dexter cow for saleRegistered Dexter cow for sale

Red polled registered Dexter bull, must be A2 A2 milk tested, could be a yearling but not any older than 5 years old. The bull isn’t required until July 2017 breeding season so there is time for everyone to check their bull calves for a possible match. If you think you might have a bull you can send pictures to Adrian at: hykaway(at)

British Columbia

Cluain Lee Liam [CAN]4498 Bull $2400.00
This is a nice bull, quiet and tractable good with his cows. He sires beautiful calves with nice minds and correct confirmation.

Devon - Purebred bull calf $1000.00

Contact: Anne Smyth by phone 250 860-2785 or email arthur1_dj(at)



Hidden Rock Ruari born in 2013 $1400
Contact: williamgarryjames(at)

Registered Dexter Bull for sale

New Brunswick

Dexter bull calf for sale

Dexter bull calf for saleBull Calf #1 born August 4, 2017. 3E. polled. RFID 124000208910732
- Dam is -[CAN]4343- Glory Betty Rae
- Sire is -[CAN]4158- Double M Odin

Bull Calf #2 born August 11, 2017. 4E. Horned. RFID 124000208889704
- Dam is -[CAN]4342- Glory Norma Jean
- Sire is -[CAN]4158- Double M Odin

$1,500 each, please contact Karl Kennie


Newfoundland and Labrador

Nothing for sale at this time.

Nova Scotia

Double M Red Bull
Sire: Belle Fourche Mr. Right
Dam: Silverglens Abby
Proven registered 3-year-old Dexter bull, red, polled
$3000 OBO
Arne Marko, Double M Farm
Phone 902-664-8364 or email arne_marko(at)
Registered polled Dexter bull for sale


Dexter Bull Shorthills Lord Galen (4189) born April 2013. Galen is dehorned and very calm (enjoys a good back scratch). Has very nice calves. $1200.00 We also
have cows, heifers and calves for sale, all can be registered. Herd name is
Phone 705-341-3122 or email johnmcgriskin(at)
John or Royanne McGriskin, Dreamach Acres Norwood
Dexter bull for sale

Prince Edward Island

Nothing for sale at this time.


Nothing for sale at this time.


Herd Reduction Sale
All are registered or able to be registered, tested PHA and chondro free. All of our black animals either definitely or potentially could carry red (our previous herd sire was a red bull, and our current herd sire is a polled black bull who carries red)

Cow/calf pairs

  • Deja Vu Century Goodie [CAN]3733-P. Polled black cow with black heifer calf at side.
  • Lonely Mountain Zinnia [CAN]4075. Horned black cow with black heifer calf at side.
  • Lonely Mountain Annabelle [CAN]4506. Horned black cow with black heifer calf at side.
  • Lonely Mountain Chamomile [CAN]4549. Horned black cow with black heifer calf at side.

(Cow/calf pairs will be sold with paperwork to complete transfer and registration of calves.)

Bred cows

  • Lonely Mountain Ash [CAN]4508-P. Polled black cow. Bred to calve this spring. Will be sold as cow/calf pair if not sold before calving.

2 year old heifers

  • Lonely Mountain Clementine [CAN]4550-R. Horned red heifer.
  • Lonely Mountain Clover [CAN]4547-R. Horned red heifer.

Yearling heifers: We have 3 black polled yearling heifers available.


$1600 each for cow/calf pairs
$1400 each for bred cows
$1250 each for 2 year old red heifers
$950 each for black yearlings
Weanlings may be available in the fall

We will offer quantity and package discounts! May also consider trades for registered Scottish Highland stock.

Please contact Dawn at kiikurokuma(at) for more info/photos



Nothing for sale at this time.


Nothing for sale at this time.