Dexter Cattle for Sale

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Red polled registered Dexter bull, must be A2 A2 milk tested, could be a yearling but not any older than 5 years old. The bull isn’t required until July 2017 breeding season so there is time for everyone to check their bull calves for a possible match. If you think you might have a bull you can send pictures to Adrian at: hykaway(at)


British Columbia

Cluain Lee Liam [CAN]4498 Bull $2400.00
This is a nice bull, quiet and tractable good with his cows. He sires beautiful calves with nice minds and correct confirmation.

Northstar Zoe [CAN]4082 Cow (bred) $2200.00
This sweet cow has very correct babies. I milked her for colostrum last year while she was tied to the fence. Dermot is her calf.

Northstar Zelda {CAN]4083 Cow (bred) $2200.00
A very lovely cow throws large vigorous calves. Dougal is her calf.

K-Bar Tammy 9T [CAN]3480-P Cow $2000.00
Tammy has a nice calf for me every year. Hers is Devon. She was the last to calf this year, a month later than the rest, so she isn’t showing like the other cows. She was with the bull from May to October.

Dermot - Purebred bull calf $700.00

sold Dougal - Purebred bull calf $700.00

Devon - Purebred bull calf $700.00

Contact: Anne Smyth by phone 250 860-2785 or email arthur1_dj(at)


Nothing for sale at this time.

New Brunswick

Nothing for sale at this time.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nothing for sale at this time.

Nova Scotia

Nothing for sale at this time.


HANNA's Irish Vacation Farm offers this lovely cow and calf pair for sale. $2,000. Both are extremely friendly and dehorned.

HANNA's Irish Kerry - born July 31st, 2013,
Sire: Riverhill Dusk Enchanter
Finer, dairy type, excellent mother, could be trained to be milked.

HANNA's Irish Kara - born May 19th, 2016
Sire: Trillium Cluny,
Very beefy, well handled, led to pasture every day.

Located in Port Maitland, ON, north shore of Lake Erie.

Polled Semen also available; Belle Fourche Clay

Contact: wendy(at)
Phone: 905-774-7028

Registered Dexter cow/calf pair for saleRegistered Dexter cow/calf pair for sale in Ontario



Dexter Bull Shorthills Lord Galen (4189) born April 2013. Galen is dehorned and very calm (enjoys a good back scratch). Has very nice calves. $1200.00 We also
have cows, heifers and calves for sale, all can be registered. Herd name is
Phone 705-341-3122 or email johnmcgriskin(at)
John or Royanne McGriskin, Dreamach Acres Norwood
Dexter bull for sale

Prince Edward Island

Nothing for sale at this time.


Nothing for sale at this time.


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Nothing for sale at this time.


Nothing for sale at this time.